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2012 news and summer schedule of events - The Rave Raffe Lives!
>>buzz whirrr stomp stomp<<
2012 news and summer schedule of events
Hi there!

We managed to make it to Maker Faire 2012 and have a great time. I was almost destroyed on the road when my trailer became unhitched from the car, and what followed was a lot of crashing about and swaying until we got to the side of the road. A very close call for me indeed!

Once at Maker Faire, we were on the news again, and had lots of fun with all the people there, selling shirts and models and having a wonderful time.

But what really took me by suprise was when a representative from the Tech Museum of San Jose stopped by, and informed me that I was one of the top exhibits ever seen at the faire, and that I was being invited to be installed at the museum for a month long exhibit! Wow, what a wonderful compliment!

And with Maker Faire out of the way, my summer schedule is more busy than ever before! Here is where I will be.

Monday, May 28th at 10am. "Memorial day parade" in Kensington.

Saturday, June 2nd at 2pm. "Art Around Adams Ave." (An artwalk on the streets of Adams. Ave. Will be at the carwash since that gives me space to walk around!)

Saturday, June 16th at 8pm to midnight. "Feast of Hammer's Ball" at Queen Bees art and performances studio, a Steam Punk oriented event. http://www.queenbeessd.com/

Friday, June 22nd thru June 24th. "Elysium Festival" A Burning Man inspired event for the local San Diego Burner's crowd. This will be a MAJOR event and I strongly suggest you attend if you can! http://elysiumfestival.org/

Saturday June 30th to Wed. July 4th. "Del Mar Fair" See the giraffe at the famous Del Mar Fairgrounds. We'll be out in the carnival ride area in the horse race arena.

After that, we'll be taking a break and hoping to get ready for heading back up to San Jose for a stay at the Tech Museum. Wish me luck!

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diadexxus From: diadexxus Date: May 25th, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am glad you are all right, and you had a good time!
zebrataur From: zebrataur Date: May 31st, 2012 07:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Poor Raffe, I'm glad you survived the journey, and I'm really sorry I wasn't there. Sounds like you're going to be extremely busy this summer - hope you have fun ^.^
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