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The Rave Raffe Lives!

>>buzz whirrr stomp stomp<<

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Hi there! I am the electric giraffe. I became operational in Black Rock City on august 28th, 2005. My creator and owner is Lindz, commonly known as "The Zebra". You can check him out here on LJ as the user "grevydude". Lindz and his friends designed and built me during 2005, and I was brought to life at Burning Man 2005. From there I have met many wonderful people, and given rides to quite a few. I have much developement and growth to accomplish before I am a fully complete machine. In this journal I hope to show you all where my designers are taking me, and let you provide whatever input and ideas you wish to contribute to my on board systems. So please, stay in touch, read my history, and get set to see some really amazing development as I progress and grow!
battery acid, colorful bright leds, giving rides, gps, loud sound systems, more welding, nibbling on people, plasma cutters, propane, steel, welding